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Grandpa Bill today asks:

Do You Actively Support Animal?

If you are part of an Organization that needs to raise funds, CTFO is the answer you have been looking for.

This is a simple, free, turn-key fundraising system that allows your Members to buy at Wholesale Prices while supporting your Organization.

Your Organization will receive a free customized website where your Members will be able to shop for a multitude of products at Wholesale Prices, all with a 60-day, empty container, money back guarantee.WHO IS CTFO(CHANGING THE FUTURE OUTCOME)

CTFO is a 6-year-old, US-based company. We are an online health and wellness company with a multitude of products, several of which are patented and exclusive. You can view all of our products at the following link:



Our focus is to use science and innovation to offer people wellness products that…

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Kennel Kelp Holistic Healing Hour-Boosting Mood, Mental Clarity, Memory & All-day Energy NATURALLY

BH Sales Kennel Kelp CTFO


Grandpa Bill today continues talking about Nootropics & Stacking you’ll not only save hours of time and energy…

With Extreme Shake you’ll soon be able to finally cook Keto meals with slow cookers that promote fat loss and taste great.= SLOW COOK KETO RECIPES

Grandpa Bill also talks about revisiting The Spartacus 2012 workout and we talk about blueberries too!

Adaptogens are a class of natural substances that are believed to stimulate the body’s resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors.They may also help reduce stress in some people.It may also help support focusand concentration, as well as sexual health and may boostlibido, increase testosterone and fertility.Ashwagandha, may also help boost energy and strength and help with athletic endurance.

  • Promotes healthy mood and concentration
  • Helps boost libido and support sexual health
  • Increase fertility
  • Assists in boosting energy, strength, and athletic endurance
  • Works to benefit overall health
  • Relieve…

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Grandpa Bills Grunts & Groans

Grandpa Bill will continue my workouts for Geriatrics & Silver Streakers, tips, and activities to help you build strength, eat healthier, sleep sounder, and be more present in your life so you can feel good within your mind, body, and soul.   Did you know exercise is great for brain health? It helps protect our working memory and increases blood flow to the brain. We are best served when we self induce a feeling of acceptance that instills health and social wellbeing are determined by many factors outside the structured health system as it now stands. The onus of maintaining good health is on us!

Many contributing factors which include socioeconomic conditions, patterns of consumption associated with food and water for sustenance .Communication, or lack there of inflict demographic patterns, such as our learning environments, our historical family patterns, the cultural and social fabric of ALL societies; which forms the history of sociopolitical and economic changes, including commercialization and trade and global environmental change.

In such developing situations, health issues can be effectively addressed by adopting a holistic approach to health , by empowering individuals and communities to take action for their health, fostering leadership for public health, promoting actions to build healthy public policies in all sectors and creating sustainable health systems for our future generations.

No matter how stressful life may seem, you can take steps to relieve the constant pressure and regain control to live your best life!

Lacking quality relationships, whether with family or friends, has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, depression, cognitive decline and dementia, and even early death.  

It’s never too late to get started.


Boost Your Mood & Your Metabolism-


Using the finest ingredients from around the world. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with quality and safety standards meeting all FDA and cGMP guidelines. Hover over an ingredient to learn more!


Native to India and Africa, some studies say that it helps reduce hunger and helps people lose weight. It was well known to mitigate hunger during times of famine.

Theobromine Inlet

Black Cacao Powder

Beta PEA (Phenylethylamine)



Citrus Aurantium

Natural Caffeine




Black Pepper

Coconut Oil

Trace Minerals

Caralluma Fimbriata

BH Sales Kennel Kelp CTFO

Experts can even predict who’s likely to suffer or recover, based on brain structure and personality.

Pain eludes a simple, useful definition, largely because it comes in so many forms and is so subjective. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) calls it “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience.” There are two main types:

  • Acute pain, as from a cut, sprain, bruise or burn, is relatively easy to identify and treat.
  • Chronic pain is characterized by pain that lasts beyond normal healing times, typically a few months

The more pain you have, the more anxiety you have, the more pain you have, the more depression, the more catastrophes, the more fear. All of those things sort of cluster togetherA vegan or Mediterranean diet, or healthier eating inspired by these diets, can control insulin and cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation — which is the pain culprit

Lack of sleep fuels stress and anxiety, which are known to accentuate pain. But there’s a direct effect, too: When scientists deprived people of sleep and then applied “uncomfortable levels of heat” to their legs, the part of their brains that receives pain signals “amped up” and the part that releases feel-good dopamine ramped down. “Sleep loss not only amplifies the pain-sensing regions in the brain, but blocks the natural analgesia centers, too

In addition to making you stronger and helping you sleep, exercise reduces stress, and stress is known to enhance the perception of pain. Weightlifting, intense aerobics, and even just walking briskly all spur the release of natural opioids that decrease pain

Join me with my Workout for Geriatrics Silver Streakers we talk exercise we talk nutrition we talk good health & wealth options for you and your family join me and please help pay it forward!

Grandpa Bills Grunts & Groans

The recent past is now quite the possibly the future
Who thought the past would go so very fast
Until now in this place and time we recently all stumble
We strive for acute balance not to tumble or crumble
The Mind, Body, & Soul will provide the perfect suture.

Natural herbs, clays, tinctures, cleanest water on the planet, wild crafted plant based foods.

Kennel Kelp Holistic Healing Hour- Moringa So Good for both Humans and Animal Health

will be on my Grandpa Bills Grunts & Groans Video Podcast also! GB

BH Sales Kennel Kelp CTFO


Health + hemp moringa for dog’s+                                                                                                                                                                 Moringa is a first rate supplement which provides your animal with the nourishment it needs to ensure optimal health, performance and peak potential.Packed with protein, minerals, vitamins, all of the essentials amino-acids as well as natural anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Moringa is a first rate supplement which provides your animal with the nourishment it needs to ensure optimal health, performance and peak potential.For optimal health, conditioning and performance

Improved immunity

Increased endurance and stamina

Aids arthritic joints

Increased bone density

Excellent coat condition and relief from eczema

Cleans anaemic blood

Regular bowel movements

Increased liver protection

Increased lactation Revisit Kelp for Pets Direct to The Manufacturer & Maine Cross Promotion featuring  Nano Retreat CBDa Gummies and more

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BH Sales 10x Pure Hemp Oil

C.B.D/Hemp Oil –

CTFO’s Bliss makes people Happier with Less Stress


– Supports Elevated Mood

– Supports Calming Sensation

– Supports Reduced Stress & Anxiousness

Subscriber as a Member or Customer you Automatically SAVE 30% when you SHOP TO SAVE. Reply back if you have trouble logging into your back CTFO back office. Watch Video and/or shop BLISS

Watch SHORT Bliss Video:

BLISS enriched with 200mg CBGa.

I received some very troubling news, and I was very upset about it, to the point of tears. I took ten drops of Bliss. It wasn’t long before I realized that even though the news hadn’t changed, I wasn’t feeling nearly as bad about it, and in fact, I started to feel perfectly normal, even when I thought about it, which would typically trigger the same upset feelings again. What I love is how subtle it is, no high or over-energized feeling, just calm and peaceful. Susie GoodI have finally been able to go through some of my Mom’s things (since she passed) surrounding my desk for many months. I had giggling moments & felt focused & clear-headed. I always felt a heavy heart @ the thought of pushing through the daunting task before me. Bliss is going to be a fantastic product for SO many people.PJ SparksI have battled depression, anxiety, and stress most of my life. At times it was debilitating. Dr’s wanted to prescribe Adderall, Ritalin, or Xanax. I said, “No.” Coping day to day was a struggle, especially to feel and be motivated.⠀When I tried Bliss within minutes I felt a wave of comfort sweep over my body. I’m 56 and wish this existed earlier in my life so I would not have had to suffer so long.Richard Shafer

Make Money in Hottest Wellness Trend 

Experience the medium roast aroma of freshly made coffee instantly with 10xPURE -GOLD Gourmet Black Coffee & Vanilla Latte.
When you wake up, you’ll want to get up. This energizing beverage will help power you through your day.
Coffee, Caffeine & CBDa (For PAIN Relief)
For starters, caffeine pumps you up while CBD generally helps you unwind, delivering the perfect biophysical experience. Listen to your body as it normalizes the caffeine jitters and any anxiety while channeling caffeine’s proven benefits.Enjoy a laser focus, abundant energy & super productivity that will keep you awake and at the moment.
Feelings of an energetic state of mental clarity and clear vision followed by a warm, calming sensation are normal.
Information 10xPure CBDa Coffee-

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To Hit $1 Billion in 3 Years!